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Видео карта AMD Radeon RX580 Sapphire NITRO+, 4GB GDDR5, 256bit,PCI-E 3.0, DUAL HDMI / DVI-D / DUAL DP
Ultimate gaming experience with latest Radeon Polaris architecture
Built on the future-proof Polaris architecture, the SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon™ RX 580 graphics card plays your favorites at a smooth 1080p and beyond, from the latest eSports games and MOBAs to the most popular, graphically-intensive AAA titles. The evolution of the FinFET 14 process has allowed the new RX 500 Series to achieve higher clocks versus previous generations.
DirectX 12 and Vulkan are here! Polaris architecture assures great performance in the games of today and tomorrow thanks to the asynchronous shaders and an enhanced geometry engine. With these next-gen APIs, PC gaming has never looked and performed better!
2304 Stream Processors
14 nm FinFET
4th Graphics Core Next (GCN)
1411 MHz Boost Engine Clock
256 bit Memory Bus
GDDR5 Memory Type
4 GB Size
Maximum 5 Outputs
1 x DVI-D
2 x HDMI
2 x DisplayPort 1.4

Допълнителна информация

Производител SAPPHIRE
Чипсет на видео карта AMD Radeon RX 580
Интерфейс PCI-E 3.0
Шина на видео паметта 256 bit
Инсталирана видео памет 4GB
Технология на паметта GDDR5
Брой HDMI интерфейси 2
Тип охладителна система Active
Допълнителна информация 2x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, 1x DVI
Гаранционни условия (месец) 24

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