Тонколони със звукова карта SOUND BLASTERAXX SBX 20

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SOUND BLASTERAXX SBX 20 Most Versatile Sound Blaster with Bluetooth, Great for Voice Calls Flagship Sound Blaster with wireless speaker and high-quality microphone, powered by the multi-core SB-Axx1™ audio processor. Experience big sound with its powerful USB amplifier!


Тонколони със звукова карта SOUND BLASTERAXX SBX 20
We have combined the legendary audio quality of Sound Blaster and our high-performance wireless speakers into one revolutionary product. Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 will not only transform the way you experience your music, movies and games, but also how you communicate in your voice calls! Together with its accompanying software suite, Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 brings to you a whole new level of engagement and interactivity with your devices.
Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20's built-in microphone, combined with our advanced CrystalVoice™ technology, lets you communicate in a whole new way. You're no longer bound to your computer seat nor have a phone stuck to your ear during voice calls. What's more, all communication is maintained in unbelievable clarity. Audio control from your smart device or computer.
Stream high-quality Bluetooth audio. Wirelessly stream music, movie or game audio from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as your smart devices, PC or Mac. With iOS devices, you can also stream with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) for seamless high-quality, low-latency wireless audio.

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